About Us

The Old Tome Bookstore is a unique shop offering a wide range of new & used books dating from 1804 to now. Happily featuring local Authors.

But wait ! There's MORE........ like Farm Fresh Eggs, Jewelry, Candles, Art, Honey, & More

It all began..... when about 30,000 books needed a home or risked being destroyed. Add supportive people who aren't scared to brave the waters, & here we are.

A constant Treasure Hunt for all.

The owner - Mel. Hager Mueller was born & raised in Afton, NY & is raising her family in Afton as well.

She has a diverse education that includes Business, Law Enforcement Leadership, & Natural Healing. (She 'hits the books' when she's bored). Enjoys welding, fabricating, research, keeping her mind sharp, & creating things of all sorts.

Consignors - are a wide variety of creative people, many of whom also take custom orders. Including teenage beekeepers !