Free Book Programs


Join Unplugged for Free.

and earn Free Bookstore Credit

Unplugged is just that. Unplugged. No Electronics Allowed.

We record every hour you spend in the bookstore electronic free.

The Rewards:

30 Hours logged = $30 Free Books

60 Hours Logged = $60 Free Books

90 Hours Logged = $ 90 Free Books

120 Hours Logged = $120 Free Books

Every Additional 30 Hours Logged will earn an additional $120 in Free Books.


  1. Time spent must be completely electronic free.

  2. Rewards will be given as store credit and can be used on books only.

Secret Readers

Are you as Cool as a Gargoyle,

but just want to be left alone so you can read?

Many teens lose the love of reading they had in their younger years due to heckling by peers.

To keep your love of reading alive.......

Grades 6-12 can pick out 1 free book ($15 or less)


Simply come to the bookstore with proof of grade level (Report Card or Student ID), Sign up, and Begin Enjoying Reading again.